The majority of the people and families that K|U has helped over the years have been referred to us by other attorneys. When they’ve searched to find a law firm with the skills and resources to take on the challenges they’re facing we’ve been there for them. Most of those referral attorneys have been co-counseling cases with us for years. 

Built Different.

A Trial Team Focus 

Many law firms have a lawyer touted as their “Trial Guy.” But for us, the entire law firm revolves around trial work. Every lawyer knows and constantly hones the skills to be on their feet. It makes a difference. 

Referral Centered Practice 

Since the success of our firm revolves around the continued trust of lawyers, like you, who call us to help, our referral attorney experience is not just an afterthought. It’s baked into our systems. You’ll stay informed and involved. The client will always know you were the one who was there when they needed help. 

For Us, It’s Personal 

Ours is a trial practice because we are focused on only the most catastrophic of cases and vice versa. The people and families we dedicate to help are in desperate situations and require huge investments in time and resources. This, of course, necessitates a high threshold on the cases we can accept. 

Everyone here has been amazing to me. I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near this with anyone else because of all the hard work and personal time they took to get to know me and my situation.


What can you say about family, that’s what they’ve become for me. They always have my best interests in mind.