At just 18 years old, Israel was an award-winning painter, sculptor, and photographer. He was a well-known and much-loved graffiti artist. “He lived for his art,” his dad said. “And he died doing it.”

Israel was shot with a Taser by police. He was shot in the chest as police are instructed. It was unclear why he died. Massive news coverage implied that Israel was on drugs at the time. His family couldn’t understand what happened. They wanted answers, and they wanted to defend Israel’s reputation. 

Israel’s family found Kelley | Uustal.

K|U defended Israel in the press and got the truth out about who this sensitive artist had really been. 

And K|U discovered documents and studies showing that the “less than lethal” Taser can become deadly when it hits the chest. 

K|U asserted that police should never be taught that a “less than lethal” device is safe to use on the chest when it is not. K|U discovered evidence that Taser knew the danger but hid it from the police.

Taser resolved the case. 

Israel’s family started a skate company, fulfilling one of his dreams. The skateboards are beautiful works of art, and as his sister Offir says, “Israel lives on in each one.”

That’s what Personal Victory looks like to Israel’s Family. 

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“An artist, a dreamer, a connoisseur of the world, of life and art… but his dreams were extinguished.”

Israel’s father

News About the Case

Teen Dies After Getting Tased by Police 

18-year-old graffiti artist, Israel Hernandez, was shot by a Miami police officer’s Taser and immediately dropped to the ground, suffering from cardiac arrest.

No Charges Brought in Graffiti Artist Taser Death, Family Files Suit 

After the death of a Miami Beach graffiti artist, Taser International Inc. will face a lawsuit from the victim’s family.

Family of Teenager Killed in Police Custody Sues Miami Beach Police Department 

Israel Hernandez was only 18 years old when he was killed after a police officer used a Taser on him as Israel tried to run away; now his family is seeking justice.…

“When you go up against big companies you feel lost, but with them you feel safe. You have the best by your side.” 


“The most courageous lawyers I know.”