Finding Meaning and Purpose

“My life is over.”

That’s what Remington said, lying in the street next to his motorcycle, looking at his crushed and mangled leg. He had no idea if he would ever walk again. He couldn’t work, and in the next few months, the bills mounted. The insurance companies denied coverage and he faced a second catastrophe, this one financial. 

Remington found Kelley | Uustal. 

K|U not only had the insurance denials reversed, K|U discovered additional layers of coverage, so that Remington’s settlement was much higher than he had ever hoped. 

Remington was reinvigorated and went onto become the first amputee to race in the AMA National Supermoto Series. He also started Traumatically Altered, an organization that connects disabled athletes through adventure sports. 

That’s what personal victory looks like to Remington.

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“If you fall down, get back up again. Just keep trying.”


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“Made me feel safe” 


“Like guardian angels”