Protecting My Family

Samantha’s grandmother was using a pressure cooker when something went wrong. Samantha was burned over 60% of her body.

The doctors told Samantha’s father, Luciel, that Samantha was going to die. But her little body would not give up, not even after infections required amputations to both arms and both legs. After a year in the hospital, she went home. 

But Luciel was scared, how could he possibly afford to take care of her? How could he protect his little girl? 

Luciel found Kelley | Uustal.

Expert after expert concluded that the pressure cooker was safe. But K|U fought on for two years, and even conducted their own dangerous high-pressure testing. K|U discovered that the real blame lay half a world away in a Chinese factory. A 2mm mistake in the locking mechanism turned that pressure cooker into a ticking time bomb. 

Luciel knows that he came through for his daughter. She has the money for the best prosthetics- the most advanced, state of the art, cutting edge technology. One day soon she will walk again. 

That’s what personal victory looks like to Samantha’s family. 

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“My mother blamed herself, but I knew that couldn’t be right.”


“I was turned away by several attorneys, but then I was blessed to learn about the Kelley | Uustal Law Firm. … They fight tooth and nail for their clients.” 


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