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May 31, 2018

$100K Reward for Proof of Lawsuit Conspiracy

I’m offering a reward of up to $100,000 for the first person who provides proof that leads to a judgment finding that a lawsuit was filed in the last three months in the Southern District of Florida as a result of a corporate conspiracy to manufacture frivolous lawsuits. The terms of the offer, and details on how to submit proof, can be found at

Recently, a South Florida firm filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s because it charges the same price for a Quarter Pounder with cheese and without cheese. One lawyer told me, “That’s the most ridiculous lawsuit I have ever heard.” And for years, some people have been asking a disturbing question.

Could there be a secret plot by big corporations to manufacture dumb lawsuits?

Of course, every case deserves to be decided on the law and the evidence. But I look at some of these lawsuits, and I cannot imagine that they have any chance of success. When they fail, the lawyer will have lost plenty of time and money.

Why would any lawyer try to lose money?

We know that big corporate interests have successfully attacked the credibility of our civil justice system by highlighting frivolous lawsuits. They do it so they can eliminate truly righteous lawsuits.

It’s worth remembering that these righteous lawsuits are the only hope for justice against these powerful corporations when they knowingly decide to act in ways that kill people. That’s why I’m writing a book called Corporate Serial Killers.

Frivolous lawsuits are poison. They not only create unfair costs for innocent defendants, they also allow powerful corporate interests to create a smoke screen to hide their truly despicable conduct.

When a frivolous lawsuit gets filed, that’s bad enough. But is there any possibility this is even worse?

Could an entire lawsuit be a scam? A scam to create more smoke for corporate lobbyists so they can destroy our rights to get justice against a manufacturer who knowingly and intentionally refuses to fix a defective product that kills, or against a bank that steals money from its customers?

Look at how the tort reform lobby is already using this new Quarter Pounder lawsuit. They’re perpetuating the idea that lawyers are shifty scammers. They are brainwashing us to think that lawsuits in general are frivolous.

Corporations point to suits like this to claim that the civil justice system must be “reformed”. And they get laws passed that supposedly “reform” the civil justice system but which, in reality, eliminate or limit righteous lawsuits.

The campaign to destroy our civil justice system by using frivolous lawsuits as a Trojan Horse has already been so successful that massive corporations essentially enjoy a new license to kill.

Some people are wondering if there is a lawsuit scam, designed to further weaken the power of the people against wealthy corporations. It seems impossible to believe, but if it’s true, the public deserves to know.

If there’s any evidence at all, I don’t have it. But if it exists, I’d like to see it. So I’m offering, on, up to $100,000 to the first person who brings me proof that leads to a judgment finding that a lawsuit filed within the last three months in the Southern District of Florida was a scam created in a corporate conspiracy to destroy our rights.

To be absolutely clear, this is the only way I can think to get evidence about the potential conspiracy that I have heard lawyers speculate about. I have no evidence that the conspiracy exists, and I am not implying that it does. Moreover, even if it exists, I can’t imagine that the recently filed McDonald’s case is a part of it. But I feel that there is more then we yet know about the corporate strategy against frivolous lawsuits, and I want to find out whatever I can.

Think of poison ivy for a moment. It’s a plant, but we all know it’d be ridiculous to say that all plants are bad just because some few are poisonous. Lawsuits are like that. Some few are poison. But don’t be fooled. Lawsuits, like plants, are good. Without them, we’d be in big trouble. The courtroom is the only place in the world where the people hold powerful corporate interests to account.

So, don’t let those corporations fool you into thinking that lawsuits are the problem. Because if you get scammed like that, you’ll let them treat all lawsuits, even the most righteous ones, as frivolous.

God help us when corporations, without bodies or souls, have all the power and no accountability. I’ve spent my entire career going up against companies that hurt and kill people in the name of profits. It’s time to fight back.

If you have any information, please go to to see the terms of the offer and find out how to submit your proof. Proof must be submitted in the next 60 days.

Let’s find out the truth.

John Uustal is a Florida based trial lawyer with a nationwide practice and a lengthy track record of verdicts against large corporations for misconduct causing serious injuries and death. His new book Corporate Serial Killers is set for January 1 release.

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