Our Focus is Catastrophic Injury and Wrongful Death

We are not a personal injury law firm. We litigate cases involving catastrophic injury and wrongful death. Our clients have needs that differ fundamentally from those who have suffered a less devastating injury. We believe that these needs cannot possibly be met by lawyers who litigate a mixture of cases ranging from mild to moderate to catastrophic. 

Unlike personal injury lawyers who often handle hundreds of cases at a time, our lawyers limit their caseload to a tiny fraction of that. We believe that we work in an honorable profession that requires us to focus on fully meeting the needs of our clients rather than maximizing efficiency or revenue.

Catastrophic Injuries can be the result of the following

Time after time in our cases we are surprised to discover when corporations choose profits over safety.

Medicine is big business, and they do everything they can to protect their profits. It’s no secret that the new laws protect doctors and hospitals. Who protects the patient? 

This catch-all phrase has come to be commonly used by all kinds of lawyers, both those you see on billboards, and the few who actually fight in the courtroom. 

Automobile Defect Accident

As cars have become more and more complex, analyzing the aftermath of a crash to see if safety systems functioned properly has become a specialized forensic science. 

Flesh and bone has little defense against thousands of pounds of steel moving at speed when a driver fails to do the right thing. 

In some instances, a crash was caused years earlier, by an engineer at a drafting table who made a mistake in the very design of the road. 

A society is judged by how it takes care of children and the elderly, both demand compassion and care. 

A life cut short, when someone or some corporation devoted to profit is responsible, demands answers. 

Learning to communicate the full extent of brain injuries to a jury takes many years of specialized experience.

There is no doubt that cars have gotten safer but horrible crashes happen every single day. Getting your life back together isn’t easy. 

A motorcycle has the same right to safely use the road as a car does. Why do drivers act as if riders were invisible? 

Motorists are supposed to share the road, but when a distracted driver pilots 2,000 lbs of steel into a bicyclist, the results are devastating every single time. 

Road construction companies must file an M.O.T. (Maintenance of Traffic) plan to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians. A shocking amount of time they fail to follow that safety plan. 

Modern Big Tobacco admits that it’s common knowledge their product is dangerous. But for years, they put out fake science and millions in advertising dollars to addict entire generations of smokers. 

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