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The Personal Victory Process

Kelley | Uustal is not your typical personal injury law firm. Our unique process puts our clients first, acting as their loyal guide through every step of the litigation process.
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We’ll help you find the right law firm even if it’s not us, giving honest advice about risks and costs.

Fewer Cases Means More Time. Some personal injury law firms operate like factories, prioritizing the number of cases over success. We limit our cases to those of catastrophic injury and wrongful death, allowing us to spend dedicated and meaningful time on each case.

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You’ll have an entire team working for you, including a client advocate available to you before, during, and after your case.

24/7 Client Communication. Because we insist on having fewer cases than other personal injury law firms, we are able to focus our energy, time and attention on the clients we do have. Our clients are able to contact us at any time during the litigation process.

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Thanks to our evidence lockdown and forensic discovery capabilities, we win cases that other firms deem impossible.

Evidence Lockdown Process. Our attorneys are trained like a SWAT team, locking down critical evidence with speed and precision. Our forensic discovery process has been perfected over decades of courtroom battles to uncover secret conspiracies, find hidden evidence, and secure victories for our clients.

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Cases of catastrophic injury and wrongful death cannot be won without extraordinary dedication and the financial power to withstand big defendants.

Extraordinary Dedication. We do what it takes to win cases for our clients, living by the creed, “To stand and not to yield, no matter the odds.”In fact, one client said: “it feels like you have an army behind you.”

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Kelley | Uustal provides unmatched support to our clients, setting us apart from other personal injury law firms in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and even nationwide.

Litigation Life Support. Our litigation life-support solution provides clients a lifeline through every step of the process, even outside the courtroom. This solution provides clients both resources and direct support even after their case is complete.

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