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August 27, 2021

Featured on the Today Show – John Uustal Discusses Boat-Related Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, a Lethal Threat

Today Show – Carbon monoxide poses unseen danger while boating or on the water

Did you know that carbon monoxide can be a lethal danger even out on the open water?

Ally Sidloski was perfectly healthy when she went out for a day of boating. In fact she was a Division I collegiate soccer player. She went into the water for a dip and never resurfaced. It was carbon monoxide that killed her.

The boat she was on had seats in the back, inside the carbon monoxide danger zone. 

Ally’s parents are trying to save other families from the same fate. John Uustal says, “There should not be seats in the danger zone.”

Watch the full story, and find out how to protect your family:

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