Kelley/Uustal Team Named the “Most Effective Lawyers” of 2013

The Daily Business Review recently named the Kelley/Uustal legal team one of the Most Effective Lawyers of 2013. This honor was awarded for one simple reason: we achieve results for our clients. This year, the Daily Business Review honored more than 80 attorneys in 12 practice areas and our very own Robert W. Kelley, Bonnie Navin, and Kristin Bianculli were recognized for their work in achieving a $38.5 million medical negligence verdict.

The Case:
Dale Whyte, a Lauderdale Lakes accountant, was undergoing a joint manipulation demonstration at a Pompano Beach Clinic. Normally, joint manipulation is not done under anesthesia, but physicians placed Whyte under anesthesia anyway. Why? They wanted to demonstrate a new procedure to show other physicians how to turn a $200 procedure into a $30,000 billable one.

The room was packed full of health care providers when Whyte coded and slipped into a coma. Four years later, he is still in a minimally conscious state, requiring extraordinary care. His family turned to the medical malpractice team at Kelley/Uustal who went to trial against the two main doctors involved and won a $38.5 million verdict.

While no amount of money could ever undo the damage that has been done to Whyte and his family, this verdict will ensure that Whyte’s family has the resources they need to provide care for him throughout his life. The verdict itself included $24.5 million for lost earnings, $5 million for pain, and $10 million for his two daughters.

The Fort Lauderdale medical malpractice attorneys at Kelley/Uustal held the negligent physicians’ feet to the fire and would not back down. They fought aggressively for Whyte, for his family, and to ensure that the community was protected from negligent medical professionals, such as these.

At Kelley/Uustal we’ve built our law firm for one specific purpose: to help real people achieve justice, even against overwhelming odds. We know that large corporations and giant insurance companies are constantly preying on the weak and their negligence cannot be tolerated. They have high-profile legal teams on their side—now it is time for the average Joe to have one on theirs. It’s why we offer all our clients exceptional legal representation on a contingency basis—and why we treat all our clients like our number one priority.

At Kelley/Uustal, we believe in Justice for All.

Promise to Dale

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