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Mass Tort

Mass torts litigation occurs when many people are harmed by the same act or omission. When all individuals have claims against the same defendants arising out of the same circumstances these cases can be combined into a multidistrict litigation.  Our firm handles several areas of mass tort litigation, including Camp Lejeune, Suboxone, Round up, Paraquat, Paragard, Exactech, and IVC Filters. 

Camp Lejeune

From 1953 to 1987, contaminated water at Camp Lejeune caused severe health issues and fatalities.


Paraquat, a highly toxic herbicide, is linked to Parkinson’s Disease with long-term exposure.


Paragard, a non-hormonal IUD, has been linked to serious complications, including device breakage during removal.


Exactech devices, due to defective packaging, risk failing after implantation, leading to severe complications and the need for corrective surgery.

IVC Filter

IVC filters, used to prevent blood clots from reaching the lungs, have a high risk of fracturing, causing serious injury or death.


Suboxone, used in the treatment of opioid addiction can cause dental decay. 

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