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March 13, 2024

Pierson Represents ‘Frozen’ Actor’s Parents in Cemetery Lawsuit

The parents of actor Josh Gad, renowned for his portrayal of “Olaf” in Disney’s beloved animated film “Frozen,” have enlisted the legal expertise of Kelley Uustal. They are pursuing justice against a South Florida cemetery for a consequential mistake that shattered their sacred familial bonds.

Stanton Schwartz and his wife, Susan Gad Schwartz, selected Eternal Light Memorial Gardens as their eternal resting place. Entrusting their faith and heritage to this premier all-Jewish cemetery, they purchased adjacent plots to ensure eternal togetherness for themselves and to honor Susan’s parents, Evelyn and Joseph Greenblatt, Holocaust survivors and the grandparents of Josh Gad.

Their plan was shattered when the Schwartzs discovered that the cemetery had wrongfully sold Stanton Schwartz’s reserved plot to another party, allowing unauthorized remains to be interred in his space. Despite their requests, the cemetery refused to rectify the error, leaving the family distressed and emotionally broken.

Attorney Cristina Pierson, partner with Kelley Uustal, emphasized the moral and legal obligations Eternal Light Memorial Gardens failed to uphold. “The cemetery clearly disregarded the requirements of the Florida Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services Act,” Pierson stated. “Eternal Light must be held accountable for the failure to uphold its moral and legal obligations to this family.”

The lawsuit asserts that the cemetery breached its duty to maintain accurate records and ensure the sanctity of the Schwartz family’s final resting places. The emotional toll on the family is immeasurable, with Susan Schwartz expressing heartbreak over being unable to fulfill her vow of eternal togetherness with her parents.

Stanton Schwartz articulated the profound anguish caused by the cemetery’s negligence, lamenting the betrayal of their trust in Eternal Light’s promise of “service you can trust.”

As the legal battle unfolds, Kelley Uustal stands alongside the Schwartz family. 
Read the full story from Channel 10 News here:

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