The Last Ordinary Day With My Leg: Remington’s Story

Remington Bloch’s story starts out as an absolute tragedy: a 22-year-old extreme sports enthusiast loses part of his leg after a motorcycle accident, he’s left with a ton of medical bills and no way to pay them, and he’ll require an expensive prosthetic leg that he can’t even begin to afford.

But this was only the beginning of Remington’s incredible journey.

Kelley|Uustal helped Remington navigate the complicated insurance claim process, and get the money he needed to pay for his medical care. Although the case never went as far as going to trial, we approached it with the same determination and care as we do all our cases, because we knew Remington’s future depended on us.


Read Remington’s powerful firsthand account of the day his life changed forever.

Remington's Triumph

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