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A Promise to Dale

Punishment for What They Did


Dale’s doctors performed an unnecessary surgery in order to bill his insurance company over $30,000. The anesthesiologist inserted the breathing tube incorrectly, cutting off Dale’s oxygen. The doctor ignored the oxygen alarms. When Dale started turning blue, a nurse tried to call 911, but the doctor knocked the phone out of her hands. 


They found Kelley | Uustal.


Dale survived, but with profound brain damage. He cannot walk, talk, move, or communicate in any way. When his children came to visit, tears rolled down his cheek. The kids were devastated, crying themselves to sleep each night. 


The family needed money to save Dale’s life, and they wanted answers. They desperately wanted Dale to live at home instead of enduring a living hell in an institution. They knew that choosing the right lawyer was a matter of life and death. 


So K|U went to trial, won a public verdict, and worked to get that verdict covered in the news. K|U also found additional sources of funds for Dale. Dale can now afford the best medical care, and he lives at home with his mother. His children know he’s safe, and he is alive. They’re proud that the family has established a scholarship program for children in Dale’s hometown. 


When K|U attorneys uncovered the truth, Dale’s family, especially his sister Shelleyann, wanted something else also; they wanted punishment and public condemnation for what those doctors did to Dale. 


That’s what Personal Victory looks like for Dale’s Family.

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“One thing we didn’t want to do was put him in a nursing home… I wanted somebody to answer for my brother being this way.”


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