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June 4, 2024

Advocacy in Action: What Sets a Kelley | Uustal Apart From Other Law Firms

The art of advocacy is a powerful blend of strategy, persuasion, and eloquence. This skill is not just about knowing the law; it’s about storytelling, connecting with the jury, and demonstrating unwavering confidence under pressure.

At Kelley | Uustal, we pride ourselves on having the best attorneys by our side. Their expertise and steadfast commitment elevate the standards of courtroom advocacy, making each victory a testament to our shared dedication and skill. 

Our role goes beyond legal representation. We provide compassionate guidance and support, empowering our clients to navigate the legal system with confidence. By championing their causes with dedication and integrity, we make a meaningful difference in their lives and uphold the principles of justice and equality.

Proven Advocacy & Remarkable Outcomes

Our attorneys have a track record of securing best-case outcomes, showcasing unmatched skill, dedication, and integrity. Our relentless pursuit of justice and diligence allows us to navigate complex legal landscapes effectively.


Wrongful Death

A woman and her two children are left to fend for themselves after a drunk driver killed Brian Raik in a high-speed vehicle crash. Nearly four years after the incident, K | U secured them a $53.7 million victory.

The case involved the tragic death of Raik, who was driving his vehicle in Pompano Beach when his vehicle was struck head-on by a pickup truck driven by Elie Charles. According to witnesses, Charles was recklessly driving at 73 miles per hour, which was 28 miles per hour over the speed limit, and weaving in and out of traffic before losing control, resulting in a violent collision with Raik’s vehicle.

During the trial, the jury was presented with evidence that Charles had been drinking and smoking marijuana earlier on the day of the incident.


Wrongful Death

In June of 2020, not long after moving to Miami from Latvia, Alona Levcenko rode in the passenger seat of a Lamborghini going 90 in a 35 mph zone in Miami-Dade. The car slammed into a Miami-Dade County Solid Waste Authority truck, killing 27-year-old Levcenko. Driver Aks faced criminal charges of vehicular manslaughter, and John Uustal secured her family a $4.5 million settlement



A Florida state appeals court upheld the $2.5 million verdict in an Engle progeny case against Philip Morris, finding that key testimony from the deceased smoker’s daughter, represented by Kelley Uustal Founding Partner Robert Kelley, provided evidence that her father relied on the tobacco company’s representations that smoking wasn’t harmful.

The appeal stems from a 2019 verdict from a Miami-Dade County jury that found that Philip Morris was 50% responsible for former Marlboro smoker Ulisee Holliman’s fatal lung cancer, with Holliman bearing the remainder. The jury returned a verdict in Holliman’s favor for negligence, strict liability, and conspiracy claims and awarded $2.5 million in compensatory damages.


Catastrophic Injury

In June 2018,  the client completed her workday as an interior designer/salesperson for Scandinavian Designs and was on her way to the store’s basement refrigerator to retrieve luncheon items. She walked onto the downstairs landing, closed the door behind her, and missed the first stair step down, tumbling headfirst down 12 stairs before landing on concrete. She suffered a traumatic brain injury, which has significantly impacted all aspects of her life. Nearly five years post-insult, the debilitating effects of the brain injury are permanent.


Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death

In January of 2021, Fisher, a very active 69-year-old man with acute anterior wall MI, went to Cleveland Clinic Martin Health for a stent installation. In the days following the surgery, no doctors had checked on him, and he was eventually discharged without a check-up. Days later, he was admitted to the ER in cardiopulmonary arrest. After vigorous CPR in the ER, Fisher later died.

The Kelley | Uustal Story

“We wanted to do something that didn’t exist anywhere in the world.” – Bob Kelley.

Bob Kelley and John Uustal, the founding partners of Kelley | Uustal, discuss how they started the firm 20 years ago—with a vision of creating something unique.

They aimed to establish a law firm that didn’t exist anywhere else, with a family-like atmosphere for employees and a commitment to helping people. 

John shares that “The people we get to work with, the people we’ve had the honor of helping, the lives we’ve saved – I think the world is a little bit different because we started this law firm.” 

The successes and challenges that Kelly | Uustal has overcome in the last 20 years continually point to the dedication and foundational principles of why they began in the first place. The firm continues to be successful and has had a positive impact on many lives in and out of the courtroom. 

Our success in the courtroom wouldn’t be possible without our fellow attorneys’ invaluable support and partnership. Your dedication, trust, and commitment to excellence have play a pivotal role in achieving remarkable outcomes. It’s this collective effort that ensures justice is served and our clients’ voices are heard.

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