Harold Pryor secured the keys to the Broward State Attorney’s Office

Democrat Harold Fernandez Pryor secured the keys to the Broward State Attorney’s Office after facing off against Republican Gregg Rossman. Pryor obtained 582,880 votes — 64% — and Rossman received 334,684 — 36%.

Pryor is a former assistant state attorney, recently joined Fort Lauderdale firm Kelley|Uustal, and is past president of the TJ Reddick Bar Association.

Pryor said he doesn’t take his win lightly, and is ready to roll up his sleeves.

“I’m both excited and humbled at the people of Broward placing their trust in me to take on this enormous and important role as state attorney. I don’t take it lightly,” Pryor said. “We’re truly in a time where the people are just yearning for change in the criminal justice system and all the systems that affect their lives, and this result was a living testament to that.”


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