What does Personal Victory look like?

A different kind of law firm can help in ways you never imagined.

We’re Built Different

Some law firms operate like factories, optimizing efficiency. That means putting the least possible amount of time and money into your case. We live by a different code. Handling cases like they matter – like you matter – means having enough time to focus on you, to use our time-consuming forensic discovery process, to help you with our litigation life-support solution. That means we must limit the number of cases we handle, no matter what’s best for our business.

It is very expensive for a law firm to properly invest the resources needed to maximize the value of a case. Without large reserves most firms are at the mercy of large defendants that try to outspend and lay siege. Having the resources means we can fight them to the finish if that’s what it takes.

To maximize opportunity and minimize risk for our clients, we seek every single advantage. We hone our skills continually in our internal trial academy, and we invest in bleeding-edge technology.

We have a trained and special SWAT Team to lockdown critical evidence before it disappears. During litigation, we use the unique forensic discovery process that we pioneered over decades of courtroom battles to uncover secret conspiracies, find hidden evidence, and get to the heart of what happened.

Because we insist on having fewer cases than other firms, we are able to focus our energy, our time and attention on the clients we do have. You will be able to contact us whenever you need, and we will promptly get you the answers you need. 

Sometimes cases cannot be won without extraordinary dedication and the ability to absorb extreme punishment from big defendants. We go to war for our clients. The entire firm does what it takes. And “it feels like you have an army behind you.” 

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  • BLF Badge 2019

“Thank you for always picking up the phone, and filling me in or if I called with any questions, getting back to me. And for just being there through the past eight years. I really appreciate it.”

“The situation that brought us to you was heart-wrenching, but the experience we had with you has been heartfelt. You are all very special.”

“They really went out of their way to help me get past a very traumatic part of my life.”

“If you’re in a sit­u­a­tion where it seems hope­less, and there isn’t any way out, I think you should give them a call.”