What can I do to recover insurance benefits for my COVID-19 related losses?

If you’re wondering what you can do to help recover from your COVID-19 related losses, please start with gathering your insurance policies and reviewing the terms and conditions. The specific terms and conditions in those policies will determine whether you may have coverage.

Once you’ve gathered and reviewed them, go ahead and prepare a written claim to your insurance company. This written claim needs to be specific in that you want benefits, but broad in that you want benefits under any coverage available under your policy. Once you receive your response from your insurance company, if you don’t understand it or believe it’s been wrongfully denied contact an insurance coverage attorney that can help you to battle the insurance company.

Cristina Pierson is a board certified business litigation specialist with the Law Firm of Kelley | Uustal. She represents policy holders who have filed lawsuits against insurance companies who have wrongfully denied their benefits or underpaid on their claims.

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