Admiralty Law - Important Definitions

Kimberly Wald, Attorney, Kelley | Uustal

This week I wanted to explain some of the unique terms and definitions I will be using in my blog posts.  Below is a list of some of the unique terms commonly used in admiralty law which will help you better understand future posts.

These first few terms are general terms used to describe the different parties involved in an admiralty law lawsuit.

Proctor in Admiralty:  Admiralty law attorney

Libel:  Admiralty lawsuit

Libelant: Plaintiff

Respondent:  Defendant

This next set of terms are unique legalese used to describe whether a particular tort or contract falls into 28 USC 1333.

Navigable Waters:  Body of water that can serve as a highway of commerce

Vessel: Capable of transporting people or goods

Maritime Flavor:  Nexus to some maritime activity

Carrier:  Vessel owner

Shipper:  Person paying carrier to move cargo

Seaman:  Someone who contributes, in some way, to the mission or function of that vessel or fleet and has a permanent connect to the vessel or fleet

This next set of terms describes the different type of marine insurance.

Hull: Protects against the ship sinking

Cargo:  Protects the same as hull, and includes cargo

P&I:  Protects the ship owner from the risks of litigation

This final set of terms are used to describe some of the special types of damages referred to in admiralty law.

Maintenance:  Daily living expenses

Cure: Ship owner’s responsibility to pay for medical benefits

admiralty law

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