Kelley Uustal Trial Attorney
June 24, 2020

“I’ve been injured on my friend’s property; should I really sue my friend?”

Josiah Graham, Attorney, Kelley | Uustal

This is a dilemma many seriously injured clients find themselves in. You’ve been seriously injured on your friend’s property, not intentionally, but because your friend was careless in upkeeping their home.

And now medical bills are beginning to pile up and you cannot afford to pay them. But you feel horrible about suing your friend. You think that this may ruin your friendship, or worse, bankrupt your friend.

But what most people don’t realize is that suing a friend is not as bad as it sounds. This is exactly what insurance is for. And in many cases, this will not affect your friend’s finances.

When someone takes the extra step and pays high insurance-premiums to have that insurance company cover them for their mistakes, they do NOT have to personally pay out-of-pocket for that mistake. Their insurance company does. If not, what is insurance really for? Moral of the story: if you are ever in this predicament where you are seriously injured on your friend’s property, realize that by suing your friend, you are going after their insurance and this should not affect their personal finances. Don’t make the mistake of getting stiffed with medical bills, with the false idea that you are protecting your friend. Because you’re not; you’re protecting the insurance company.

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