How would the installation of video cameras in nursing homes have helped with the COVID-19 pandemic?

If video cameras were already installed in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, we would know who was coming in and out of the facility, and what happened when they came in and out. Were they greeted, were they questioned, tested for their temperature, or any other signs of COVID-19? We would know all of those things so that now, after the fact, we can go back and view what occurred throughout the building. And not only at the front door and the back door, we would be able to see what was happening down the hallways and in the rooms.

Good infection control practices are critical to the spread of this virus and if those practices aren’t being lived up to, and if those policies for those practices aren’t being lived up to, then we need to know it.

That way we can go back, see what was done, and what can be done better and see where people fell down and failed to do what they were supposed to have done before the virus even showed up.

Don Fann works with Kelley | Uustal and represents individuals who have been neglected and abused at nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Florida.

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