K|U’s Reina Trucchio Williams Awarded 2021 AIEG Paralegal of the Year

Kelley | Uustal’ Reina Trucchio Williams has been named the 2021 AIEG Paralegal of the Year. She was nominated by her peers, and received the award during the 2021 Virtual Paralegal Seminar on February 4, 2021.

Reina exemplifies all the qualities that this award recipient should have – compassion, selflessness, and steadfast determination to continue to learn. She is a paralegal with vast knowledge, an advocate for the injured, and assists our attorneys in every aspect of litigation. She has worked with Bob Kelley and John Uustal since 1996, and helped them build what is now Kelley | Uustal Trial Attorneys.

“She is insanely loyal to her people, so once you get accepted into her circle, you are very lucky. She will sacrifice so much to help you.” – K|U Founding Partner, John Uustal

“Reina is the emotional soul of our firm. Her compassion for our clients, and her dedication to doing right by them, no matter the cost in time or effort, is contagious.” – K|U Partner, Peter Spillis

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