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June 4, 2021

7News Interviews Josiah Graham and Client Injured in Shooting Outside Prime 112

7News reporter Sheldon Fox sat with attorney Josiah Graham and his client, Emerson Delgado. Delgado was injured in a shooting outside of Prime 112 in Miami over Memorial Day Weekend. He was left with a bullet lodged in his leg, and shares the terrifying moments where he thought he would die.

Officers arrested rapper Wisdom Awute, who is part of local rapper DaBaby’s record label, for attempted first-degree murder.

Kelley | Uustal attorney Josiah Graham says he is examining whether this section of South Beach and its businesses are properly secured.

“We are looking into that possibility, as well as DaBaby’s crew, to see who exactly was responsible,” Graham said.

7News Interviews Josiah Graham and client Emerson Delgado after Memorial Day shooting in Miami


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